Warranty Details

Aeroseal provides a 10-year warranty on the seals created with our process.

Aeroseal stands behind its product and its Sublicensees with a solid warranty for residential applications.

We solidly stand behind our product which is UL-tested and the result of years of government lab research.

We have enormous confidence in the quality of our seals since they are based on Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory research and a patent through the University of California. The EPA (U.S.) has endorsed Aeroseal, as have numerous local energy utilities.

Note: the warranty is for on-site seal failures and does not cover additional damage (e.g. an electrician that steps on a duct while running wiring), wear or tear (i.e. the shelf life of a plastic duct is passed, rodents eat into a duct, or a duct rusts out), and subsequent replacement of failed ducting. Overall, in the 85000 plus seals done to date, Aeroseal has received negligible number of warranty claims.